First Round at Colonial

And they're off! ...Well, kinda at least. Besides having the first round suspended due to the thunderstorms and floods on the course, first round at Colonial has begun. Anthony Kim, in the picture above, has put in 6 consecutive birdies so far! This is probably the longest streak in the PGA Tour for this season. Man! 6 birdies and they were all one after the other! I think this will boost up Mr Kim's confidence and put him in a position to lead the tournament with a 7 under score as of now.

The suspension of the first round has only let about half of the players, out of the total of 114 players, to complete their round for the day. I'll be looking forward on the Golf Channel to see more action from Anthony Kim!

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons - Game 2 Eastern Finals!

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Wow, just unbelievable. What were the chances! Game 2 of the Eastern Conference between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons ended up once again, with a 79-76 win for the Pistons to give them a 2-0 lead so far. It was the exact same score as last time! This time though, Rasheed Wallace from the Pistons was on fire throughout the whole game, and especially the fourth quarter. I think the Pistons had dominated over the Cavs during their defensive part of their game. To have crawled back from the 12 point loss during the first half, they prevented the Cavs from scoring much in the 3rd and 4th quarters. The Pistons made LeBron give up six turnovers, which was very costly for the Cavs. In the second half, the Cavs only managed to score 13 points per quarter. I don't think the Cavs have adjusted to the environment of home court of the Pistons yet. But the next two games will serve as an advantage for the Cavs with home court advantage. I really hope LeBron can keep up with the pressure and play better in his next few games.

Champions League Final - AC Milan vs Liverpool

Tough luck for Liverpool and their fans...including me. I woke up early today to watch the game, but sadly, Liverpool lost 2-1 to AC Milan. Filippo Inzaghi had scored both goals for AC Milan. In 2005, quite a similar thing happened back then. AC Milan were against Liverpool once again and they were facing a 3-0 lead by Liverpool at half-time, but lost in the penalty shoot-out when they climbed to a 3-3 game. It was noticeable that AC Milan really boosted up their aggressiveness and made the effort to defeat and not lose to Liverpool today.

Then again, I must say that this time, I think AC Milan did get a little lucky. They had an accidental deflection by their own team-mate and the ball ran past Liverpool's goalie for their 2nd goal.

Squash - Delia Arnold

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I've just also read another big achievement for a fellow Malaysian in The Star. The NSC Satellite No 3 Squash Tournament was held at the National Squash Centre in Bukit Jalil. Delia Arnold, just 21 years old, had beat her training partner, Lim Yoke Wah, in the women's finals to win her first professional squash title of her career. Delia had dominated throughout the game, winning all three matches with scores of 9-2, 9-5, and 9-2, to take home almost 1 thousand dollars! Now Delia is currently ranked 52nd in the Women's International Squash Players Association (WISPA) World Rankings!

What an achievement! She should be soaring up the charts in the near future if she keeps up her training to get better. She has jumped 4 spots from her previous position of 56 to 52. She has gotten to her place right now with only 11 months of professional squash playing experience! I think she is really going to have a lot of potential as in the future.

Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Game 2 (Tomorrow)

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I will be looking forward to tomorrow's game. It will be quite tough for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they will be playing at the home court of the Detroit Pistons. Having lost Game 1 by 3 points only, I hope to see LeBron be much more aggressive this time around. As a matter of fact, he must play with a more aggressive attitude this time because if not, his team won't be able to win this next game. I'm also pretty sure that the Detroit Pistons are going to press the Cavs hard with their defense. Every year, the coach for the Pistons has never failed and has always trained his players to play the best defense in the NBA.

Newcastle United

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Hmmm...Looks to me like Michael Owen might be moving over to Arsenal soon? Arsenal did say they were in need of a striker. If I remember correctly, a while ago, I thought Manchester United were the ones who were interested in taking Michael Owen in for their team, but somehow, it looks like they decided not to go on with their plans? Well I think if Arsenal does eventually take in Michael Owen for their team, Newcastle United are going to need replacement fast because Owen is the best striker Newcastle United has right now. I think if the deal goes through, Arsenal's probably going to have to drop one of their forwards, because they'd be having 7 forwards in total.

San Francisco Giants vs Houston Astros

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To be honest, I'm not too big of a fan of baseball, but I do love watching Barry Bonds racking up his usual home runs almost every game. This time though, he stayed at his record of 745 home runs. They made him get 2 intentional walks instead. This is of course, a pretty smart strategy for the Astros, because I'd think they would rather risk the other lower percentage batters to try to strike them out instead. During this game, Barry Bonds did seem to feel quite tired from all the walks and sprints to the bases. I would think he is usually more used to taking his time to run around the bases because of his consistent high percentage home run hits.

San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazz - Game 2 Western Finals!

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Once again the San Antonio Spurs have defeated the Utah Jazz in the Western Finals. GOGOGO SPURS! It's too bad I missed watching this game live because I was at school. They won almost 10 points ahead of the Jazz this time, and Tim Duncan scored 26 points! (That's almost 1/4 of the total team's score!) Even Tony Parker did very well; he had a double-double by the end of the game, with 17 points and 14 assists. The Jazz scored quite low throughout the whole game, but it might have been because they were playing at the home court of the San Antonio Spurs. It's too bad the next 2 games in a row will be at the home court for the Utah Jazz. Keep it up Spurs!!!

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons - Game 1 Eastern Finals!

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Man! I can't believe how sloppy and passive LeBron was playing!!! This picture here was the game winning three-pointer by Chauncey Billups. Look at LeBron! He did not even close out or contest against the shot! Chauncey Billups so should have been double teamed during the final minutes! He had already scored almost half of his team's points in the fourth quarter before making this last three-pointer to total just his fourth quarter score to 13 points. Boy, I can't even believe what LeBron did on their last play down the court. They had set their play up so well that LeBron could have taken his three-pointer to tie the game and let both teams go into overtime, but instead, he made a quick pass to Donyell Marshall, who's PPG (Points Per Game) this season has only been 3.8. LeBron's excuse was that Donyell Marshall had the open three-pointer to take, which he missed and set their team one game back. I don't believe LeBron though. He so could have gone through with their play and taken that last shot, but at the last fraction of a second, he changed his mind. I'm sure Donyell Marshall was shocked too at that time. He probably thought what on earth was going on and just had to throw the shot before the buzzer.

San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazz - Game 1 Western Finals!

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It was 3:15pm when I got back home from school today. Though the game had been scheduled to start at 3:00pm today, I was glad to have found out there was some delay with the programs in the schedule and I did not miss anything in the beginning. As expected, the Spurs had started off strong. Jason Kidd had already commented after their last game that they were working on some new plays to step up their game. Tim Duncan had scored a double-double this time. He managed 27 points and 10 rebounds! Way to go! I was impressed by how both teams had shot very well every time down the court. The game ended at 108-100 giving Spurs the victory for Game 1 in the Western Conference Finals! I think Carlos Boozer had put up a good show this time, making all of his 6 field goals attempts! I hope to be able to watch Game 2 and it wouldn't be at an awkward timing on ESPN.

FA Cup Final

Once again, it was the long awaited game between Chelsea and Manchester United in the FA Cup Final held in England. Though I did not watch this game, I was hoping that Manchester United had sealed the lead over Chelsea when I checked I am pretty sure all the Chelsea and Man United fans desperately wanted the team they were cheering for to take home the FA Cup trophy this time around because almost 90 thousand people had turned up. According to the news, after 90 minutes during the normal regulation, it was still a goal-less draw between the two teams. During the last four minutes of extra-time, Didier Drogba of Chelsea had received a perfect pass from Frank Lampard to score the goal the Chelsea fans had been waiting for during the entire game. Sigh. This gave Chelsea a 1-0 win against Man United. Though I don't usually keep track of the times of soccer matches on ESPN, I do check quite frequently to keep me updated on the latest scores. It's just too unfortunate that Chelsea had scored in the last 4 minutes before a penalty-kick shootout, as I would predict Man United would have turned out to have scored more goals because they have the best players with excellent penalty-kicks.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs New Jersey Nets

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So it was three hours later, I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the New Jersey Nets game. As LeBron James is a favorite of most basketball fans, including myself, so I was supporting the Cavaliers again. As usual, LeBron had worked hard to put up a great show, being the leading scorer of his team he scored 23 points and 8 assists. Even Jason Kidd had put up a good performance, scoring 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists.

Without home court advantage for the Cavaliers, it was easy to see that the Nets were very comfortable playing the game against the Cavs. The New Jersey Nets still had to work really hard to compete against the hard defense from the Cavs. I have to say though, the Cavaliers really got lucky with their three pointers this time, they had made more than 40% of their three-point attempts.

Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs

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So I was watching this basketball game earlier today. I got up early at 8:00am and had my breakfast. After that, I switched on my TV to Channel 81 (ESPN) and got ready to watch the Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs game at the home court of the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio. At first, it was an evenly matched game, with both teams starting off very strong, ending in a tie at the end of the first quarter. The game got intense. As one of my favorite players is Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs, I was cheering for the Spurs to win the semi-finals game. Although the Phoenix Suns were playing an impressive offense all throughout the game, as the game came to a close during the final minutes, it was clear that the San Antonio Spurs had achieved a big enough lead to win the game and head off into the Western Conference Finals to play against the Utah Jazz!