Falling Asleep - Body State(Continued)

For the most part, it will be uncomfortable trying to fall asleep as your stomach is empty, you're feeling hungry, and your mind is trying to suppress the hunger. Then again, you don't want to go to bed with a full stomach, because then your stomach will be put into constant work trying to digest all of what you've stuffed it with, and you may also feel uneasy with a full tummy. One other thing is drinking (or not drinking) a bit of water before sleeping. Some people say it's healthier, some say it's not. Personally, I think it depends on the person, in the sense that if you don't have a drink before getting in bed, you may consequently get thirsty if you don't fall asleep quick enough, then again if you do have a drink, you might be forced to get up and relieve your bladder at some point in time before you wake up in the morning (or maybe even before you fall asleep!). So for this last bit, use your own judgement from your own experience!

To all of you who have already mastered all this and more, I envy you! :) Otherwise, I do hope you found this either remindful/helpful and I forever wish you all less sleepless nights!

Falling Asleep - Mindset(Continued) & Body State

With this in mind, what I am trying to get at is: stress. The amount of stress you give your computer, the less willing it is to shutdown quickly - same goes with your body - the more worried and stressed you keep your mind going, the less likely you will fall asleep sooner. So stop thinking about the crap that happened earlier today, stop worrying about what's coming tomorrow. Taking some deep breaths helps to slow things down!

Body State

Internally, your body should be ready to drop down into hibernation. What this means is that you don't want your organs and what not to be working intensively. You should empty your bladder before going to sleep. Obviously, you wouldn't want to have your bladder waking you up in the middle of the night to interrupt your sleep! The same goes for your stomach. Ideally though, you should not go to bed on a completely empty stomach!

Falling Asleep - Mindset


Another key part about falling asleep is having the ability to clear your mind. By this I mean you really need to stop thinking. Stop working your mind. JUST STOP. It is easier said than done of course, but if your mind is working, or stuck on something, chances are, you are not making your body calm enough to fall asleep. So if you are one that finds it hard to clear your mind, try to think of happy events in the past, something satisfying, something non-stimulating. Maybe it's a pure white never-ending wall, maybe it's a rainbow, maybe it's that smile of your partner. I like to think about this the way computers work and the way they respond to shutting down as well. If your computer is under heavy load and you try to shut it down, it'll usually take a much longer time to clear everything up than if you were to tell it to shut down when not much is running.